Glenn A. Ellis

Glenn A. Ellis

“The right thing to do and the hard thing to do are usually the same.”

Glenn Ellis regularly serves as counsel in high-stakes, cutting-edge cases, successfully resolving significant international disputes involving international corporations. He also serves as lead counsel in arbitration related litigation matters before the AAA.

Glenn’s life experiences have prepared him to represent growers and agricultural collectives. Growing up between his grandfather’s sugar cane farm in Puerto Rico and downtown Annapolis, Maryland exposed Glenn to not only two languages and cultures, but also shaped his world view and the need to protect and support global trade and agriculture.

Like his father and grandfather, Glenn served in the Marine Corps as a field radio operator. After his service, Glenn studied biochemistry at Drexel University. Glenn’s studies included field research on the health effects that harsh pesticides had on the maintenance crews at golf courses. Glenn remained involved in this kind of work as in-house counsel at Rohm and Haas Company, which was purchased by Dow Chemical Company, and AstraZeneca.