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Representing international companies in litigation against U.S. based conglomerates on a contingent fee basis.

Our Approach

Our approach dramatically reduces the expense of high stakes litigation to your company.

Contingent Fee Based Commercial Litigation

We are a U.S.-based law firm representing international companies who have suffered a financial loss due to a defective product, service or failure to pay. We have experience in helping international companies gain access to the U.S. legal system, which is widely recognized as the most advantageous in the world.

When facing complex, high-stakes litigation, it is essential for companies to find new ways to maximize their recovery while minimizing their financial risk. Freiwald Global accomplishes this by eliminating the traditional corporate hourly billing rate and replacing it with a contingent fee model, which gives our clients greater control and flexibility. Our approach to litigation is simple:

We get paid when you do.

We have successfully represented corporations against U.S.-based multinational manufacturers, chemical companies, pharmaceutical companies, and insurance companies.

Has your company suffered losses due to a defective product or service?
Is your company considering a low "take it or leave it" offer or writing off those losses because it seems too expensive or difficult to litigate against U.S. based conglomerates?

If your answer is yes to either of these questions, contact Freiwald Global today.

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